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Paul Frampton has been a success in many walks of life. From leading a team of 130 consultants at Deloitte’s to owning private companies. He wanted advice on how to make one of his businesses valuable.

Paul went through the Diagnostic 
with EndVision.

Paul Frampton
Owner, Moana Clothing

021 478 244

” I have been through the Diagnostic process with EndVision and found it very beneficial.

The process was excellent and it has helped me to clarify my thinking as to the future, as well as giving me an excellent road map to increase the value of the business.

I have no hesitation in recommending EndVision.”

Michael van Boheemen

Ph  04  568 5018  

Lisa Martin had grown a very successful accountancy business from the ground up. It was very exciting, but there was a nagging doubt as to whether the business was becoming more valuable.Lisa went through the Diagnostic  with EndVision. 
Lisa Martin

021 730 279

“ Armed with a business degree from Massey, over 20 years consulting in a vast range of industries in NZ and throughout Europe and owning companies that have been trading for decades, you’d think that outside consultancy would be a waste of money for us.

You are right, we wasted thousands on the wrong ‘business coaches’, then we found EndVision.

EndVision quickly cut through to the core issues and helped us materialise our business goals in an accelerated way, it’s been a very good investment strategy for us and we would recommend EndVision to anyone except a competitor.”


Mike and Denise Beck

Ph 04 570 0117

Ron Dedera has been at the forefront of his industry for a long time.  He knew that his business was “sought after” and wanted to make sure he was properly positioned.
Ron went through the Justification Dossier with EndVision. 
Ron Dedera

021 850 492 

I was approaching retirement age, I had a good business, but it was outgrowing my handling of it, so we made the decision to put it on the market.

I knew someone locally but I didn’t know who could get the best deal nationally. I was unsure what the business was really worth.

EndVision asked if they could look into the market for me, I agreed, and they informed me that my business was worth more than I thought it might be.
EndVision helped me prepare the business and helped me locate buyers.
We ended up with several interested buyers and EndVision helped me get about 40% more than I would have asked for or expected.

If anyone wants to exit well I strongly recommend giving EndVision a call.

Graham Mair

Ph 04 570 0117

Jo Coughlan wanted a game plan. Business was going well, and there was a lot of growth on the horizon.
Jo went through the Diagnostic with EndVision.

Jo Coughlan

021 522 142

Hugo Monteith wanted to retire, but he had massive technological knowledge. The business relied on him, and he felt trapped. Hugo went through the Justification Dossier Program  – and EndVision helped him navigate the pathway to a successful Management Buyout.


Hugo Monteith

021 438 156

Dave Rangi had an excellent business, but the beach was beckoning. He knew he needed someone to help him showcase what he had created. Dave went through the Justification Dossier Program with EndVision.

Dave Rangi

027 445 9416

Richard Fletcher has vast experience in dealing with what we call “corporate divorce” (shareholders who want to part ways and need to arrive at a value for their business). Richard recently attended an EndVision seminar.
Richard Fletcher

04 499 8933

“Over the past year we’ve been exploring how to best on-sell our niche business developed over 12 years. It was time to move on and pass the mantle.

We needed a strategy to match our vision. We needed a methodical plan to meet our timeframe. We needed someone in our corner.

An early meeting with EndVision enabled us to build rapport quickly and discuss our business needs. The team was warm and motivated. They understood our position and the idiosyncrasies of our business.

Our attendance at a hosted EndVision conference, further conferred confidence that we were dealing with the right team.

The EndVision team are great listeners and effective communicators. They generously share their business acumen and knowledge of market forces. They are efficient, organized and thoroughly professional”.

Cate Madison

Ph 027 332 6278

Remarkable Tortillas manufacture authentic Mexican wraps for the hospitality and supermarket industries. Russell had owned the business for many years but decided to sell when his wife was involved in an accident and needed care.

EndVision Consulting prepared a justification Dossier and Strategic Connections. This helped Russell achieve a sales price that was over double what they were expecting. The process took just six months.

“EndVision were excellent. They did what they said they would do and helped me understand what was happening along the way. The result speaks for itself.”


Russell Griffiths


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