Newsletter 2021

Update from the Team

The main reason many kiwi business owners don’t exit is that they are scared of what to do next. But as we age we tend to have more money than time – and how we spend that time becomes all important.

EndVision Story

After 20 years of buying, starting and selling businesses for ourselves, the EndVision team came together to share this expertise with other business owners.
The typical business sale process does very little to help a business get a high price. It focuses on “educating” sellers to have “realistic” expectations about what their business is worth. Unfortunately this creates an environment where businesses are sold at less than optimum value. It happens. Day in and day out.
We see so many people who have spent a lifetime creating their business. We believe they deserve more.

Success Story

Lisa Martin had grown a very successful accountancy business from the ground up. It was very exciting, but there was a nagging doubt as to whether the business was becoming more valuable. Lisa went through the Diagnostic with EndVision.

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Meet the Team

There are 21 of us on the team!

Chris  Monaghan founded and ran advertising and media agencies for 16 years, most recently taking a full exit from QMS Media (NZ largest Outdoor Media company) in July 2019 after a successful merger with Mediaworks. Chris pioneered positive change in the Outdoor industry and was a driving force behind the digitisation of the industry in New Zealand. Chris also owns a hospitality business with a vision to create one of NZ leading healthy fast food brands. Passionate about business and a natural born entrepreneur Chris will be a trusted and experienced adviser to help you realise the full potential value of the business you worked incredibly hard to build.


EndVision has recently hosted a series of webinars with
RT. Hon Bill English, Tony Alexander, James & Cecilia Robinson, Chris Quinn, Geoff Ross  & Justine Troy


Below are our upcoming events.

St Andrews Hamilton Golf Course Seminar
Subject: Strategic Exit Planning - Complimentary

12.11.20 7:00 - 8:00am

Wellington Seminar
Subject: Strategic Exit Planning - Complimentary

27.11.20 8:00 - 9:00am

Quote of the Month

"There's no trailer hitch on a hearse"

Tips on Increasing Business Value

The most valuable revenue is recurring contractual revenue. The least valuable is one-off random sales. Most businesses sit somewhere in the middle. The key here is to understand that shifting even some of your revenue up the scale will have a strong positive effect on your business value.
Maybe you can add on monthly service charges or a product that is consumable, or maybe you can get a longstanding customer to sign a contract or you can target a new market that has a recurring spend. We believe that every business can move at least some of their revenue into “subscription”. If you don’t, your opposition will. The millennial mindset is geared towards it. It is often the simplest way to disrupt your industry. But the point is, it makes your business more valuable.

Feature Businesses for Sale

We have many interesting and iconic businesses for sale and below are 3 examples. To register as a buyer and learn about other opportunities please click here.

Below are some of our latest listings;