Give me an example of the 65 core influencers.

Revenue Type. Two businesses with identical financial situations can sell for vastly different amounts based solely on revenue type. One-off small sales is the least valuable revenue stream. Software as a service is the most valuable revenue stream. There are many stages in between (recurring revenue, contractual revenue etc.).

If you can improve the quality of even a part of your revenue stream you will influence the multiplier positively.


Justification Dossier

It is too early? - I am not selling for 5 years.

The later you leave it, the less you can actually change your business to make it more attractive. It takes time to get ready. Don't forget - you may get a door-knock and it is too late to get ready once that happens.

Why do I need to get such a large document?

Different stakeholders (buyers) need to know different things. There is more to the story than you may think there is. You want people to realise this business will appeal to a wide range of buyers. Finally - it makes due diligence and handover a lot easier. It is likely that during a business sale process you will end up creating all of this information anyway - in a reactionary manner. It is far smarter to be organised ahead of time.

Why can't my accountant put this together?

90% of this presentation is non-financial. It is a strategy document that includes financial information. Would you want your accountant running your marketing department? Don’t get us wrong, accountants have a critical role to play in this project and we work closely with them - but it is a bit like saying "why do I need a dentist - I will get my doctor to fix my teeth".

You seem too cheap.

We are efficient. We are specialists. We are priced so you can afford this premium service. We make our money when we sell your business for more than you expect!

Why does it cost so much to prepare my business?

Like most things - if you want to do it properly it takes a lot of time. Lots of IP. But it is actually cheap. The cost of not doing it is what you should be worried about!

What is the guarantee that this process works?

There is no guarantee, but what you can be assured of is you did it the right way. Better to do it right and fail than do it wrong and succeed.

I love what you do but I don't want to pay for it.

Its going to cost you a lot more by not investing in preparing your business for sale. Selling out cheap is very expensive!

What if I don't agree with what you write?

You get to choose, you have to be happy, you are involved, it is yours, you sign it.

What is the cash-flow story?

Behind every business ownership transaction someone is putting the money up. We use the cashflow story software to communicate to the financiers in a language banks and savvy buyers can understand.

Finance options?

See our finance options 1 pager.