Accredited Advisors

Preparing your business for sale consists of many elements. Whilst you can do all of it yourself, a bit of extra knowledge can make a world of difference and significantly contribute to the sale price. We are pleased to offer advice on a wide range of Exit Strategy subjects  – provided by our accredited advisers.

If you think it’s too much work and you are not even planning to sell your business, consider this: it’s profitable to be “sale ready”. Not only because you are prepared for what life might throw at you, but also because in the process your business will become a better business.

Accurate Accounting

Naturally business buyers are particularly interested in financials, which are often the key subject of every conversation when it comes to the sale of a business.   Learn more

Protective Legal

When you come to sell your business – there is going to be a contract needed.

And every business has intellectual property. In one form or another.    Learn more

Insurance Managing the Risk

Selling a business is not something most people do very often. And very few understand what insurance a person looking at selling their business should have.     Learn more

Results Orientated Planning

Business buyers are looking for metrics. Proof that things happen. Key ratios.   Learn more

Building Great Teams

One of the biggest perceived risks a buyer sees in an acquisition is the team that comes with the business.  Learn more