Business exits are fraught with many legal complexities.

EndVision recommends working with one of our industry leading legal associates.

Corinne Cole, Managing Partner at AJ Park, joins us to explain Intellectual Property (IP) and gives some pointers on where to start.

Every business has intellectual property in one form or another.   
Unfortunately many business owners don’t understand what intellectual property really is, how valuable it is, and what needs to be done to protect it.
A legal process will need to be worked through when you sell your business, including negotiating a business sale agreement.

There are many matters to consider, which vary significantly depending on the business.

Knowing what to expect, being prepared, and tidying up legal loose ends before a sale will make a sale process much easier and more successful.

David Gould, Partner at Anthony Harper, explains the sale process, where deals can go wrong, and the golden rules for maximising the outcome from a sale process.