Business Diagnostics

The recipe to add value to your business.

EndVision’s diagnostic will provide you with a game plan to make your business more valuable in the eyes of prospective buyers.


Buyers are not necessarily interested in all your hard work over the years, they are often more interested in seeing what the future looks like for themselves. Knowing how to improve the value of your business ahead of time can have a dramatic impact on your ultimate sale price.

You have invested numerous resources in developing your business, including time, money and effort. Unfortunately not every investment actually increases the value of the business, at least not in the way potential buyers will see it.

After your Diagnostic

What our Team Says

Our research shows that most business owners have no idea what their business is worth. Many run their business based on the profit and loss, and some on the cashflow. Very few businesses are run based on the Multiplier. There is no formal methodology for arriving at a Multiplier. It does not exist.

EndVision consultants have identified 65 Core Influencers that affect the Multiplier for better or worse.
The Diagnostic is all about rating your business against these core influencers.

The Process


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