Strategic Connections – The Best Way to Sell Your Business

Strategic Connections

The secret to a succesful sale is creating a competitive environment.

The people most likely to pay the best price for your business are either strategic buyers or financial investors. Our methodology is to make direct approaches to these people.


We work with you to create a list of potential buyers. These are a collection of Private Equity / High Net Worth Individuals, National and International industry players and strategic acquirers. It is critical to shift the discussion away from what the business is worth to you, and onto what is  its strategic value is to the right buyer. 

Our process is “end to end” from NBIO to Completion Statement. We manage NDA’s, Offer Requests, NBIOS (Non Binding Indicative Offers), Negotiating, Steering you through the SPA (Sale and Purchase Agreement) and Final Settlement. 

Note: It is our preference not to advertise – we operate “Behind closed doors”.

After Strategic Connections

After your business is sold there are many options:

What our team says

“Finding the right buyer is hard work – but very rewarding when you see the price exceed a sellers expectations.”

The Process

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What Our Customers Say

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