Our Team

The team at EndVision operates in a non-hierarchical, results-driven environment.

We come from a wide variety of backgrounds. We are analysts, creatives, bean counters, strategists, visionaries, negotiators and traders. We believe that as a team we are stronger.

Sales Team

Chad Clark - Auckland

Business Strategist

Using the EndVision suite of products, Chad works with business owners to optimise, prepare and present their businesses for maximum sale results.

Michael Morris - Christchurch

Business Strategist

Michael is highly focused on delivering quality results for our clients. He comes from a strong sales background and is a qualified business broker.

Martin Russell - Christchurch

Business Strategist

Martin loves understanding a business from first principles, he is great at spending time analysing businesses and ascertaining the strategic needs.

Mike Everest - Christchurch

Business Strategist

Mike is a great lateral thinker. When you need to exit it is critical to analysis who will pay the most for your business. So if you want to brainstorm, give Mike a call.

Burton Worth - Waikato

Business Strategist

Burton is MBA qualified and has considerable business experience spanning 20 years. He is engaging, with an extensive network, and thinks outside the box. Burton’s purpose is to create sound strategies for clients embarking on their exit journey.

Chris Monaghan - Auckland

Business Strategist

Passionate about business and a natural born entrepreneur Chris will be a trusted and experienced adviser to help you realise the full potential value of the business you worked incredibly hard to build.

Cindy Taylor - New Plymouth

Business Strategist

Cindy is based in Taranaki and loves working with business owners to help them transition. With a wealth of experience Cindy is keen to talk.

Daniel Hayes

Business Executive

Daniel’s role is to educate clients about EndVision and how we can help them magnify the value of their business.

Project Team

Adele Richardson

Senior Business Analyst

Adele liaises with EndVision’s clients, collecting information on their business and the performance of the wider industry.

Elizabeth Lincoln

Senior Writer

Elizabeth’s background is in the world of media and communications. She uses her writing skills to create and edit content for our clients’ documents.

Tiff North

Senior Editor

Tiff leads the EndVision editing team, overseeing the visual output of client deliverables.

Katie Abbott

Senior Researcher

Katie heads up the research team, and is responsible for collecting organising, analysing, and interpreting information to create content for our Clients’ documents.

Aaron Smith

Senior Advisor

With a military background, Aaron leads the EndVision Project Delivery Team, coordinating the efforts of our professional analysts and content creators to build exceptional documents for our clients.

Tamara Edwards

Senior Writer

Tamara's background is in finance and business operations. She uses her analytical skills to create content for our clients’ documents.*

Administration Team

Kylie Larsen

Systems Manager

Kylie spends her time refining the EndVision processes to make sure that EndVision is the best and most efficient consulting business in the country.

Hugo Sandall - Wellington

Compliance Manager

Hugo looks after the legal side of the sale of our clients’ businesses, making sure the process is completed properly and all requirements have been met.

Governance Team

Jeremy Anderson


Jeremy sits on the board of many progressive companies. He is focused on delivering excellence.

Jeff Prestidge

Board Member

Jeff from UBT Accounting works with business owners to help them better understand and improve their business performance.

Mark Mackenzie

Board Member

Mark brings broad business experience and a wealth of business knowledge to the EndVision board. He is driven to succeed.

Darcy Everest


Darcy is responsible for the day to day management of EndVision. He is passionate about exceeding our clients expectations.