Justification Dossier / Data Room

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your business is Sale Ready.

If you are prudent and want to be sale ready, even if you have no intention to sell, then this is the program for you.


The Justification Dossier is what you show to buyers, the Data Room is what you give them access to once you have accepted their offer.

We believe every business should have their Justification Dossier and Data Room set up. It is a brilliant way to ensure a business is sale-ready.

Whether you are selling, looking for finance or insuring yourself against an accident it makes perfect sense to invest in this program.

Many business owners anticipate the day when someone knocks on the door wanting to buy their business. Unfortunately, the deal often falls over. It takes too long to get your business prepared once the door-knock has happened.


Results of the Justification Dossier / Data Room Program

What our Team Says

“People often call us – suddenly wanting to sell their business – but they have left it too late – and it dramatically affects the price they can achieve.”

The Process


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What Our Customers Say

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