Justification Dossier

Justification Dossier

Imagine the peace of mind knowing your business is "Sale Ready".

If you are prudent and want to be sale ready – even though you may never intend to sell – then this is the program for you.


We believe every business should have the Justification Dossier. It is a brilliant way to ensure your business is “Sale Ready”.
Many business owners anticipate the day when someone knocks on the door wanting to buy their business – but all too often when they do get the “door-knock” the deal falls over. It takes too long to get your business prepared once the “door-knock” has happened.
Whether you are selling, looking for finance or insuring yourself against an accident it makes perfect sense to invest in this program.

Results of the Justification Dossier Program

  • Maximise the value of your business when you come to sell.
  • Be ready to sell at a moment’s notice.
  • Leave your family a “sale ready” business if you become incapacitated.
  • Be positioned to take advantage of a “Door-Knock”.

What our Team Says

People often call us – suddenly wanting to sell their business – but they have left it too late – and it dramatically affects the price they can achieve .

The Process

  • We tell your story. All the hundreds of reasons why your business is worth more, and ultimately putting you in a position to sell the future.
  • The Justification Dossier is an indepth analysis of your business – explaining what it is worth and WHY. Our dossiers include:
  • Macro Environment / Industry Profit Drivers
  • Market Size analysis
  • Brand / Market Position Synopsis
  • Financial summary including potential improvements and modelling
  • Quantification of the forecast results (2 year plan)
  • Customer analysis including diversity, ROI, TCP, and operational KPI’s.
  • Online performance analysis
  • Window of opportunity spectrum
  • Structural summary
  • Strategy on a Page
  • Background overview including OSH, Lease, Insurance, IP, IT and reason to sell
  • BCG Product Analysis by Product Group
  • Strategic, Operational and Financial Supplier Analysis
  • HR analysis
  • Blue Skies Growth opportunity outlines
  • Summary of values to prospective purchasers in multiple scenarios
  • Collation of supporting documentation
  • Position your business for Maximum Value - whenever you want to exit
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